About Energy Freedom Colorado

Colorado is an electricity monopoly state – meaning that consumers have no choice about the source of their electricity or its cost.  However, in 14 other states, individuals, businesses and communities can choose between many electricity suppliers who compete for customers based on cost and energy source.

We are a group of thoughtful volunteers with a dual research and advocacy mission.  This site contains information about how retail electricity competition and choice works.  Our aim is to inform decision-makers, stakeholders, and the general public about its merits.  We would expect competition and consumer choice to bring us cheaper and cleaner electricity.

For an introduction, see "The Case to Study Retail Electricity Choice" or any pages under "Main Menu."

"Competition is Good!"

Our goal is to provide a central point of contact for efforts to bring more competition and retail choice to the electricity sector.  Many different groups may be interested in retail choice (or "restructuring") but don't normally talk to each other or to Legislators and PUC Commissioners about this topic, because the topic is just too big to broach by any one stakeholder group.

Who might favor retail electricity choice over monopolies?

Almost everyone would want retail choice if only they knew what it was, and that it exists in many other states and could exist here. But there is much groundwork to lay for the needed Legislative process, which must involve many different stakeholders, including business interests, environmental and consumer advocates, and the general public.

Our approach is to make contacts, inform, and organize, toward attaining a critical mass of interest to justify study committees in the Legislature, investigatory proceedings at the Public Utilities Commission, or a Governor's Select Committee on Retail Electricity Choice.

We invite individuals or groups who support the idea of retail choice to engage with us, whether just to express your interest, or to contribute any relevant skills, knowledge or connections you may have.  We welcome suggestions, ideas, and contacts/referrals.

It's already clear that competitive electricity markets work, and that Colorado is in an excellent position to learn the lessons and best practices from states that already have retail electricity choice.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
-  Margaret Mead