Energy Freedom Colorado

Competition & Choice  for  Cheaper & Cleaner Electricity

We need to think differently about electricity.

Community Choice Energy (CCE)

  • Allows communities that are served by an investor-owned utility (IOU) to choose alternative wholesale electricity suppliers for their residents and businesses.
  • The utility still owns and operates the "poles and wires" and delivers the electricity.
  • Individuals can opt out of the CCE and buy their electricity from the utility if they wish.
  • Benefits:  Cheaper electricity,  cleaner electricity faster,  more innovative and locally-relevant energy programs,  more energy dollars remain local.

CCE Fact Sheet   —   CCE status in Colorado, key facts & common misconceptions, and reasons to support CCE.

CCE Brief on Rates and Renewables  —  Evidence that CCE and wholesale competition would likely lead to lower electricity rates and a faster renewable energy transition.

CCE Presentation   —   Topics include:  decarbonizing at the lowest cost requires competition to pressure monopoly IOUs;  evidence of lower costs and cleaner electricity with CCE;  how CCE would work in Colorado;  lessons about the exit fee.

CCE is making progress in Colorado! More information and downloads...