About Energy Freedom Colorado

We are a group of thoughtful volunteers with a dual research and advocacy mission.  We work to inform decision-makers, stakeholders, and the general public about the merits of more competition and choice in the electricity sector, such as cheaper and cleaner electricity.  We advocate for policy and regulatory changes to implement solutions such as those listed below.

"Competition is Good!"

Our approach is to make contacts, inform, and organize, toward initiating or supporting bills in the Legislature, participating in proceedings at the Public Utilities Commission, interacting with the Governor's office, and engaging in outreach to the public.

Our status as volunteer Independent Advocates, who are beholden to no one, affords us the freedom to speak plainly about facts and ideas that are in the best interests of Coloradans, which we always do in a respectful manner that is grounded in research, evidence and solid reasoning.


  1. Research and promote policy and regulatory solutions for cities and other jurisdictions that have ambitious energy goals but no cost-effective way to reach them.
    • Community Choice Energy (CCE) – A policy that allows communities to choose an alternative wholesale electricity supplier.  A CCE Study Bill has now been introduced in the legislature (read more about CCE and the Study Bill).
    • The Community Electricity Options Project – A proposal for a broad stakeholder process to evaluate several approaches that would give communities more choice and control over their energy sources and costs.  [webpage  |  white paper]
  2. Advocate for elements of a 21st century electricity system.  [webpage]
    • Wholesale electricity markets (RTO or EIM), and joint transmission tariffs.
    • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA).
    • Performance-based ratemaking  –  to align utility interests with consumer & societal interests.
    • Distribution System Planning (DSP)  –  innovation & competition at the distribution level.
    • Options for electric co-operatives to reduce costs and pursue energy goals.
    • Competitive procurement of generation, storage, and transmission.
    • Less utility ownership of generation (but more rate-based distribution investments).

We invite individuals or groups who support these ideas and this approach, and who might want to contribute any relevant skills, knowledge or connections, to contact us.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
-  Margaret Mead