Help move the Community Electricity Options project forward!

Energy Freedom Colorado is a volunteer group.  We think we've come up with a good state-level approach to a state-level problem, and written a notable white paper on the idea, but we can't move this forward all by ourselves.

Our outreach strategy combines targeted outreach to decision-makers and key stakeholders, with massive outreach to other stakeholders and the general public.  The goal is to start a statewide conversation and a "snowball effect" that will catch the attention of decision-makers and inspire them to action.

The main idea to promote is that we need a transparent stakeholder process, led by decision-makers (legislators and/or the governor's office), to study all of the options for bringing more choice and control over energy sources to cities and large businesses with ambitious energy goals, and to identify the best solution(s) and the legislative and regulatory changes needed to implement them.  Six viable options are described in the Project's white paper, but it is the state-level stakeholder process that is being advocated, not any single preferred solution.

The "six touches" is a political idea that people only start paying attention to something after they've heard it six times.  Be one of the six! Substantial pressure can be brought to bear to find a solution if many individuals and groups coalesce around a common strategy.

Please contact us to share your ideas, share your outreach efforts, or explore joining our group and participating at a higher level. We are all volunteers who are motivated to move our state forward on cheaper and cleaner energy.

How You Can Help


1.  Ways individuals can help

2.  Ways groups can help

3.  Main "Asks" of decision-makers (legislators, governor's office, or those with access to them)

4.  Ideas to spread, write about, etc.

5.  Summary of the CEO Project's motivation and goals

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
-  Margaret Mead